Notes From Paganistan: 1

The Eye of Horus Metaphysical shop is right smack in the middle of the Lake Street neighborhood in Minneapolis that took the brunt of the riots and burning last year when George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin. Somehow – magically? – it sustained no damage then.

Chauvin is on trial right now here; over the weekend, Duante Wright, another unarmed black motorist, was shot and killed in Brooklyn Center, a Twin Cities suburb, by another inept cop. Kim Potter is being charged with manslaughter.

I went to the Eye today to conduct an interview; I used to work there. Businesses around the Eye are boarded up. The whole neighborhood, for miles in each direction, was filled with national guard troops and vehicles. It stilled my heart for a few minutes. I asked Johnny, the manager, if he was worried or if he was hopeful for a just outcome. He said, I trust nothing, then shrugged. We’re insured.

In the midst of what looks like a police state… the Eye is open.

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