Back From the Underworld…

Well, I’m back.

I’m fine if you stopped paying attention; this is largely a writing space for me anyway. But if you did stop by, thanks. It’s good to see you here.

And yes, I’ve been slapped around by the spirits as of late; but enough crazy has lifted than I now have the time to spare to pick up a pen. And there are events afoot I need to prepare for and keep track of, including the launch of my reading and magical side hustle soon. Stay tuned.

So, what happened?

In the span of a week back in January, I lost a job and gained a new one. The training for the new position was relentlessly challenging — I am unapologetically a Fool card as you know, and that helped a lot. That said, the nonprofit I’m working for is amazing, has a mission I fully am behind, and it’s a wonderful place to work. And they are fully in support of the other work, writing, and occulture work I do, so no secrets. It looks like I can finally retire from unpaid academic and adjunct hustling for what I really want to do, and to be with those who really want to learn…

Yep, the professor is leaving the college. There is wisdom to chase outside of the ivory walls and I can fully go after it now.

So the ivory tower… won’t be sullied by the likes of me much longer. Let’s face it, no matter how noble the profession, if you aren’t paid well or guaranteed a living doing it, it’s not so noble. I feel like what I do now at my new gig matters so much more…

That said, I am doing a lot of teaching… always the proponent of metaphysical literacy, that’s me.

 I start an anthropology course on understanding ritual for grad level seminary students at Cherry Hill Seminary Monday. Anthropology. Ritual. Grad school. Pagans.

 I will be launching a reading and metaphysics side hustle with its own website very soon. Stay tuned.

I was asked to be part of a panel presentations for the Virtual Hoodoo Heritage Festival sponsored by AISC, which is occurring in August. Get your tickets. I’ll be about 10 minutes of the whole weekend but come for the rest of it. Oh, and I’ll be one of the readers rustled up for the fest, too.

I will be a weeklong guest presenter for the Earth House Gather, a long running Pagan fest in the Wisconsin/Minnesota area, and one that I did a good portion of my dissertation research with. They asked me back and I can go. I can’t wait.

Fire circle in July. That would be enough, but now I’m on the incorporating board of the latest Pagan temple, soon-to-be-a-501C3, the Hay River FireHaven, who are now planning on hosting the event, along with lots of others, and we are actively letting people know we exist, are amazing, and are happy to have new members. We have beautiful land leased to us to do our rituals on… by one of the members. Oh, heck, we’ve been going there for decades, but we just made its status as Pagan holy land official now.

I will also be back as a weeklong guest at the Sacred Harvest Festival in Minnesota (see previous entry about last year’s and all the whiskey I drank). Again, content and community. And hopefully as joyous as last year.

My research partner Velvet and I received a second grant from the Minnesota Historical Society to start a community archive project continuing our work documenting our community here in Paganistan (The Cultural Archive of Modern Paganism aka CAMP). This is largely my partner’s wheelhouse with the focus on media archiving rather than oral histories this time out. But — we will be applying for a third grant for more oral history collection by July. Cross fingers. Cuz magic.

 I attended Paganicon in March and presented on CAMP with Velvet to let community members know of our success and progress. I’m pleased to report that people were excited and already asking how they could help. I also drank 50 year old whiskey in the hospitality suites, and wished a certain special someone I had met and was corresponding affectionately with months ago wasn’t sick, hadn’t ghosted me again, and it could be there with me to enjoy that miracle in a glass…

Also, at Paganicon, I gave a 5 minute book pitch to Llewellyn Publications. The acquisitions editor loved it. I’ll hopefully have some material for her to consider come September. Cross fingers. Cuz magic.

 So, see, a lot has taken up my time, possibly more will on the way, but it was during this period of madness when I broke up with Hermes and was called back to alliance with my first goddess, Persephone, and her husband… who is quiet, regal and compassionate. But no more tricksters, just for a while. Truth instead, even if it hurts. Big deep truth. This complex divine couple have said I have a gift coming from them, but they want to know I’m ready for it… that’ll be another entry. I’m not trying to guess what it might be. I’m not going to try to beat the truth tellers at their own holy work. I’ll wait. And take the lessons.

But the Queen of the Dead is finally bringing a beautiful spring day to Minnesota. Finally… And the ferocious vengeance with which these plants are exploding, and flowers are blooming is a reminder of the fierce power and compassion of the Queen of the Seasons. And I am celebrating her return while her husband grows quiet, but rumbles with truth underneath it all…

It’s good to be back.

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