Rose in the Retort

The Reflections of a Witch Doctor, Mystical RiffRaff, and Magical Interloper.

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Pagan Podcastin’

I’m participating in Pagan Aqueducts, a generational discussion on issues in the Pagan community with Byron Ballard and Brian ODell.

Back From the Underworld…

Well, I’m back. I’m fine if you stopped paying attention; this is largely a writing space for me anyway. But if you did stop by, thanks. It’s good to see you here. And yes, I’ve been slapped around by the spirits as of late; but enough crazy has lifted than I now have the time…

As the Light and I Return… Kind of..

In the months since my last entry, the COVID testing job has consumed my energy; I completed grant funded research successfully; I met, fell for, got ghosted by and reconnected with a man now waiting on a cancer diagnosis; one of my Fire Circle siblings died suddenly in a horrible accident; and my relationships with…

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