Rose in the Retort

The Reflections of a Witch Doctor, Mystical RiffRaff, and Magical Interloper.

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Alchemy of Vision (or, why this blog has languished…),

Pt. 1: Dross Dross is the accumulated crud of worldly existence that tends to weigh us down. It’s often also called lead. It stoops our shoulders. It wearies our soul. It clouds your vision. I began to notice something significantly wrong with my vision at Midsummer. What I had thought was a smooshy contact lens…

Pagan Podcastin’

I’m participating in Pagan Aqueducts, a generational discussion on issues in the Pagan community with Byron Ballard and Brian ODell.

Back From the Underworld…

Well, I’m back. I’m fine if you stopped paying attention; this is largely a writing space for me anyway. But if you did stop by, thanks. It’s good to see you here. And yes, I’ve been slapped around by the spirits as of late; but enough crazy has lifted than I now have the time…

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